What I Do

I serve as a writer, developmental editor, and strategic communications consultant to individuals and organizations doing leading-edge work. Current or past clients include Imagine Philanthropy, HEART, Modus Cooperandi, The Lean Enterprise Institute, The Lean Global Network, and more. I provide one-on-one support to writers in need of research or editorial development help.

I am also co-founder of Feminists at Work, where I co-produce the Entrepreneurial Feminist Forum. Join us December 2-3 in Toronto!

As Co-Founder of Feminists at Work, I design organizational change strategies from a feminist, living systems perspective. Among other things, this means honoring all of the intelligence in the room, learning from nature and prioritizing self-organization as a way of getting things done, and caring for people, relationships, and social impact as much as revenue in order to move important work forward. 

The central theme of my work is work itself: what work is valued, what value means, and how to work more effectively while keeping social justice at the center. 

I’m trained in the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter, a way of teaching participatory leadership practices, and I have studied with brilliant mentors in the resilience thinking and lean communities learning how to apply these ideas to knowledge work. 

Read more about projects I’ve led or helped make happen.