“Lex Schroeder has been an invaluable resource to our team over the past year. We began our work with Lex when we decided to expand our team to include a communications manager. Lex provided support and editorial guidance in crafting a job description for the new role combining strategic development and events management. Following the hiring process Lex coached our newly hired team member in crafting a larger strategic communications plan, which was co-created with the leadership team.

Recently, our organization has been in the midst of a transition in leadership. This prompted us to seek Lex’s services again. Together we created a plan for her to coach leadership and other team members on using A3 thinking, a tool to support strategic planning. Lex provided feedback to our team and supported members in using the A3 as a tool for dialogue to make the work transparent and bring challenges to the surface. Over the last year working closely with Lex, she has become a valued thought partner for our organization, and we highly recommend her consulting services.”

-Renee McShane and The Metamorphosis Leadership Team
April 2020

“Lex is brilliant, intuitive, and kind. When we worked together on my bio, our phone calls always started with Lex asking about my day/week and making a human connection. This check-in ritual helped us build the trust we needed to work together easily. I now have a bio that I absolutely love.”
Sweta Vikram

Mindset & Ayurveda Coach, Global Speaker, Best-selling Author

“I am grateful to Lex for helping us get our manuscript completed on time. We would never have been able to pull it together without her patient influence. Lex kept us on track with writing and provided expert guidance. Then she edited the work beautifully. I really appreciate the role Lex played with us.” 
– Jim Luckman
Author and Partner, Lean Transformations Group


“Take The Lead introduced me to Lex as I was planning a leadership conference for 300 women students from across 29 CUNY campuses in fall 2017. Lex was a thoughtful partner throughout the planning process, asking the right questions to tailor a presentation that would resonate with our audience. As a presenter, Lex was powerful and engaging – the students participated with enthusiasm and left armed with new, practical tools to pursue their objectives. I would be delighted to work with Lex again.”

-Barbara Williams
Executive Dir., Women’s Suffrage Commission
Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

“I trained as a Leadership Ambassador with Take The Lead in April 2016. Lex was responsible for producing a 2-day training event and much content for a dozen or so participants. Her strengths shined through: connecting people for mutual benefit, a commitment to mission and purpose through both the experience and the content delivery, and careful synthesis of complex leadership development and feminist theory in the work.”

-Stephanie Goodell
Founder, Samaya Consulting

“Lex was an invaluable editor for various case studies, articles and posts that I had written. Lex ALWAYS offered valuable ideas and advice, while allowing me to maintain by unique writing voice – something I appreciate greatly to this day. And best of all, we were able to consistently work through an editing cycle in a day or two; I never found myself waiting for great feedback. She is a joy to work with.”

-Eric Ethington
Founder, Lean Shift Consulting

“Working with Lex was a very collaborative process, and she brought innovative ideas to the table while listening to our needs and goals. She designed a 60 minute workshop for ~50 people that was interactive but also gave attendees the space to reflect and internalize the day’s discussion. We highly recommend Lex as a facilitator, coach, and leader.”

-Maura Fulton & Sofiya Penek
2012-2013 Executive Team, Women in Leadership Student Organization
Harvard School of Public Health

“Lex led a workshop for a group of people with diverse backgrounds and personalities, and immediately got everyone engaged. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Though skeptical at the outset (how do you learn trust during a 2-hour workshop?), I left with a greater understanding of how to facilitate more productive and meaningful work relationships.”

-Kaye Wild
Vice President
Mass Housing and Shelter Alliance

“I attended the Lean Transformation Summit and the Open Space session held by Lex. It was wonderful… This session alone was worth the price of admission.”

-Diane Pesce
Group Director of Quality Control
Condé Nast

“Lex helped us develop our organization’s bi-annual professional development event with a staff of 35. She is knowledgeable and skilled in facilitating conversations that are collaborative, appreciative, and conducive to innovative thinking. She listened and tailored her support to our unique needs and organizational culture. Lex was sharp and an absolute pleasure to work with. She collaborated with us to ensure every voice in the room was heard.”

-Aurelio Montemayor
Senior Education Associate
Intercultural Development Research Association